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Have you seen the latest on my YouTube channel? 🍫🍊Chocolate Orange Madeleine Demo | Bite Sized Travel Treats! 🍫🍊 Send me a pic using #BSTT if you try this over the weekend 😛

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New video: Chocolate Orange Madeline Demo | Bite Sized Travel Treats! 🎥🍫🍊🍪 Use #BSTT & send me pic if you try it out 😊

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Chocolate Orange Madeleine Demo | Bite Sized Travel Treats!

You have got to try out this recipe for the upcoming holidays!

Whether you’re jetting off to the airport or embarking on a road trip, it’s always a welcome idea to tuck away a little comfort food and not always be at the mercy of the concession stands.  After all, traveling can be hectic and a little comfort goes a long way…especially during the holiday season.

When I think bite sized travel treats, this can be anything from bringing home sample sized foodie souvenirs, to picking up small nibbles for your hotel room, to tossing a goodie into your tote.  The options are endless… 

Are you familiar with Take a sec to explore – it’s a great community based/community created food website!  Stuck with a random ingredient you’re trying to use up?  

One of my favorite features is entering an ingredient into their search function, like “Pomegranate” and choosing “in recipes.”  Results pop up showing everything in their catalog that includes pomegranates in their recipes.  From there you can narrow it down to appetizers, salads, desserts, and so on to hone in on what type of dish you’re creating. 

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Upload Problems & Blog Reviews! Daily Vlogs (Nov 4 – 10)

Hey Guys,

Last week I’ve still been trying to figure out iMovie, keep up with social media, create new content, and worked on some product reviews.

Do you vlog about your travels? In the comment section below, leave me your YouTube user name!  I love checking out other creator’s content.

Take a peek at the latest:

Meghan Sig

What’s In My Travel Toiletry Bag | Hair Edition

Hair Thumbnail

Necessity is the mother of invention… or so I’ve heard.

On a few recent trips, I’ve pulled together a go-to travel toiletry bag for various uses.  The one that I have to share with you first is what I use for my hair!  Events, destination weddings, business trips, or  what have you, take a peek into what I consider my hair essentials.  

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Getting Started! Daily Vlogs (Oct 28 – Nov 1)

Hey Guys,

So I thought I’d try something new on my Candid Moments Vlog channel!

I’ve decided to give daily vlogging a try, so in the comment section below, let me know what you think.

I’ve vlogged a part of each day last week & condensed it all into one vlog for you guys.

The content is mainly focused on my progression, opportunities, & obstacles in carving out a sustainable career in the Tourism Industry.

Take a peek:


#TRAVEX Travel Tweet-up: Winter Travel Destinations


Join Travel Squire, myself, & fellow co-hosts for tomorrow’s (11/6) travel tweet-up #TRAVEX at 6:30am or 2pm PST via Twitter!

Topic: Winter Travel Destinations ✈❄🎿

See you then!

Meghan Sig

Press Trip on Catalina Island!

Hey Guys!

Check out the latest from my Candid Moments Vlog!

Recently I had the opportunity to explore some of Catalina Island on a press trip and wanted to share some of my experience with you.

In the comment section below, let me know if you’ve ever visited the Island.  It’s a total charmer!

Click here to check out my full review of my experience via Dave’s Travel Corner and click here to check out my adventure on my YouTube channel, MGPTravelBlog.

Take a peek at more content from my adventure:

Click here to watch: “Press Trip on Catalina Island!”

Click here to watch “Meet My Assistant & Prepping for Press Trip”

Click here to watch more from my Day Trip Travel Series Playlist.

Click here to watch and here to read another piece published on Dave’s Travel Channel: “Cosimo Cavallaro’s Jelly Beans – Art Exhibit” 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend,

Meghan Sig

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