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Sephora Haul | Travel Sized Beauty


You pop into Sephora for one thing… and sure enough you leave with a mini haul! I always have my eye on sample and travel sized products, makeup, and skin care that are dotted around the store.

Origins Mask


I originally went in to pick up ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.

They offer full size and the 1.7oz travel size, which is ideal for giving a new product a good test run. While checking out their range, I was totally sucked in to a couple of their kits. I’ve had my eye on a thicker moisturizer since my skin’s feeling a bit drained and dry from this Winter weather.

As I was eyeing the High Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-enriched Renewal Cream, I noticed that for the exact same price of $39.50, I could buy the 24 Hour Glow Kit instead.


The kit includes Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash (1 oz), High Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-enriched Renewal Cream (full size), GinZing Energy-boosting Moisturizer (.5 oz & oil free), and a really fun colorful cosmetics bag with a travel theme! I loved that Night-A-Mins, the exact moisturizer I was after, was apart of the kit in full size.


What have you seen lately that’s caught your eye at Sephora or Ulta?

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Busy Bee and YouTube Space LA – Daily Vlogs (Nov 18 to 24)


Hey Guys!

This week I’ve been crazy busy juggling things from my life in Real Estate and in Tourism.  I’ve definitely been a busy bee! Take a peek at this weeks vlog for updates on my latest projects, my time at YouTube Space LA, and what’s coming up for next week.  

In the comment section below, share with me how you juggle the work/life or school/life balance.

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Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving!

Meghan Sig


How To Fix Broken Makeup & November Giveaway!

Blog Thumbnail

Have you ever been on a trip, your makeup slips of the counter…. and smashes? Have you just hit pan and are left with the hard to use ring of product?

Check out my easy tips for fixing your beloved beauty products.  It’s super simple, you only need three things, and let it set over night! I cringe at having to toss a favorite product… why not get a bit more mileage out of it?!  Take a peek at my video down below for all of the details.


Before & After


Before & After

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Catalina Island: Crown Jewel of the Channel Islands



Check out my latest piece, Catalina Island: Crown Jewel of the Channel Islands, published by Dave’s Travel Corner!

Ever visited the Channel Islands set conveniently off of Southern California?  Then you may already be in-the-know.  With a blended ambience of old hollywood meets quaint small town, Catalina is hands down the crown jewel of this historic archipelago.  Click here to read more!

Photo Credit: Catalina Express

Photo Credit: Catalina Express

Dave’s Travel Corner focuses on experiential travel. Readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel topics across a variety of budgets. International and domestic contributors cover every conceivable culture focusing on a wide variety of content. Does flying to the end of the world in the Caribbean, discovering Charles Dickens’ unfinished dream in Europe, or tips for Being in Kuala Lumpur catch your eye? Then you’ve got to check out Dave’s collection of travel content!

In the comment section below, be sure to tell me what your favorite activity is on Catalina or what you’d like to check out if you haven’t been before!

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Hope you’re enjoying your weekend,

Meghan Sig

How I create content! Daily Vlogs (Nov 11 to 17)

Hey Guys,

This week I’ve been pretty busy and actually worn thin a bit from all the multitasking.  Can you relate?  Check out some of my developments and how I put together the different pieces that go into creating my videos, photos, and written content.  Are you a blogger, vlogger, or all around content creator?  In the comment section below, let me know what YOU’RE working on!

Also, have you seen last week’s Candid Moments Vlog?
Click here to watch: Upload Problems & Blog Reviews! Daily Vlogs (Nov 4 – 10) 

Have you seen the latest from my Main Travel Channel?
Click here to watch: Chocolate Orange Madeleine Demo | Bite Sized Travel Treats! 

Take a peek at the latest!

Meghan Sig


Chocolate Orange Madeleine Demo | Bite Sized Travel Treats!

You have got to try out this recipe for the upcoming holidays!

Whether you’re jetting off to the airport or embarking on a road trip, it’s always a welcome idea to tuck away a little comfort food and not always be at the mercy of the concession stands.  After all, traveling can be hectic and a little comfort goes a long way…especially during the holiday season.

When I think bite sized travel treats, this can be anything from bringing home sample sized foodie souvenirs, to picking up small nibbles for your hotel room, to tossing a goodie into your tote.  The options are endless… 

Are you familiar with Take a sec to explore – it’s a great community based/community created food website!  Stuck with a random ingredient you’re trying to use up?  

One of my favorite features is entering an ingredient into their search function, like “Pomegranate” and choosing “in recipes.”  Results pop up showing everything in their catalog that includes pomegranates in their recipes.  From there you can narrow it down to appetizers, salads, desserts, and so on to hone in on what type of dish you’re creating. 

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Upload Problems & Blog Reviews! Daily Vlogs (Nov 4 – 10)

Hey Guys,

Last week I’ve still been trying to figure out iMovie, keep up with social media, create new content, and worked on some product reviews.

Do you vlog about your travels? In the comment section below, leave me your YouTube user name!  I love checking out other creator’s content.

Take a peek at the latest:

Meghan Sig

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