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Catalina Island: Crown Jewel of the Channel Islands



Check out my latest piece, Catalina Island: Crown Jewel of the Channel Islands, published by Dave’s Travel Corner!

Ever visited the Channel Islands set conveniently off of Southern California?  Then you may already be in-the-know.  With a blended ambience of old hollywood meets quaint small town, Catalina is hands down the crown jewel of this historic archipelago.  Click here to read more!

Photo Credit: Catalina Express

Photo Credit: Catalina Express

Dave’s Travel Corner focuses on experiential travel. Readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel topics across a variety of budgets. International and domestic contributors cover every conceivable culture focusing on a wide variety of content. Does flying to the end of the world in the Caribbean, discovering Charles Dickens’ unfinished dream in Europe, or tips for Being in Kuala Lumpur catch your eye? Then you’ve got to check out Dave’s collection of travel content!

In the comment section below, be sure to tell me what your favorite activity is on Catalina or what you’d like to check out if you haven’t been before!

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Hope you’re enjoying your weekend,

Meghan Sig


Welcome To My Travel Channel!


In my pursuit to explore all things travel, I’ve delved into another platform… the world of YouTube!

As I gain more experience and crack the code of iMovie and HD cameras I will be uploading videos regularly, in addition to my blog posts. My video content will be a mix of first hand footage and photos of my experiences. You can expect themes like: Beauty & Fashion Tips, Product & Service Reviews, Day Trip Suggestions, & Event Coverage.

I’m even toying with a second channel, Candid Moments, which will offer a more behind the scenes, impromptu, day-in-the-life vlog style content. More on this later…

Please subscribe so you don’t miss the latest travel content on Meghan’s Guilty Pleasures Travel Blog. Join the conversation and join the community – new videos weekly!

In the comment section below, leave me your YouTube channel info and I’ll be sure to check it out.

Thanks guys,

Meghan Sig


#JSETT Travel Tweet Up: Seattle


Join Jetset Extra, CityPass, and I for today’s (10/3) travel tweet-up #JSETT at 10:30 am PST via Twitter!

Topic: Seattle

See you there!

Weekending in the San Jacinto Mountains

Idyllwild Vacation Cabins

Idyllwild Vacation Cabins

What: San Jacinto Mountains

When: May 2013

Where: Two hours East of Los Angeles

Misty clouds creeping through the mountain tops, drops of rain dotting the pine deck, the remarkably refreshing stillness of an early morning… time for a coffee run!

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Tour of Asia? How LUXE!

Luxe - Asian Tour Box

I am head over heals for LUXE City Guides! 

Less is more… They are witty, sassy, informative, and compact.  This accordion style travel guide is also linked to an up-to-the-minute app for online updates. 

Have you seen the latest?  Take a peek at their “Asian Grand Tour Box” in honour of the Year of the Snake.  Not only are the cover graphics heavy on lush and gloss, but tucked inside you’ll find in-the-know content featuring Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.  What can I say… beauty and brains!  

Check out the complete array of LUXE City Guides charting: Europe & the Middle East, Asia, North America, and the Pacific.

Have you nabbed a copy?  I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Meghan Sig

Luxe - Tea in China

Photo Credits:

Exploring Maine!

York, Maine

Having an amazing time on the East Coast!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be taken for a motorcycle ride and explore a slice of Southern Maine.  Quaint towns oozed charm.  Fresh air and lush green grass are a far cry from Los Angeles.

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New Hampshire – First Days, First Impressions

Sometimes a destination is about work… at times it’s about pleasure… and at times it’s about fully decompressing and having a bit of an adventure.

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