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Catalina Island: Crown Jewel of the Channel Islands



Check out my latest piece, Catalina Island: Crown Jewel of the Channel Islands, published by Dave’s Travel Corner!

Ever visited the Channel Islands set conveniently off of Southern California?  Then you may already be in-the-know.  With a blended ambience of old hollywood meets quaint small town, Catalina is hands down the crown jewel of this historic archipelago.  Click here to read more!

Photo Credit: Catalina Express

Photo Credit: Catalina Express

Dave’s Travel Corner focuses on experiential travel. Readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel topics across a variety of budgets. International and domestic contributors cover every conceivable culture focusing on a wide variety of content. Does flying to the end of the world in the Caribbean, discovering Charles Dickens’ unfinished dream in Europe, or tips for Being in Kuala Lumpur catch your eye? Then you’ve got to check out Dave’s collection of travel content!

In the comment section below, be sure to tell me what your favorite activity is on Catalina or what you’d like to check out if you haven’t been before!

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Hope you’re enjoying your weekend,

Meghan Sig


Welcome To My Travel Channel!


In my pursuit to explore all things travel, I’ve delved into another platform… the world of YouTube!

As I gain more experience and crack the code of iMovie and HD cameras I will be uploading videos regularly, in addition to my blog posts. My video content will be a mix of first hand footage and photos of my experiences. You can expect themes like: Beauty & Fashion Tips, Product & Service Reviews, Day Trip Suggestions, & Event Coverage.

I’m even toying with a second channel, Candid Moments, which will offer a more behind the scenes, impromptu, day-in-the-life vlog style content. More on this later…

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In the comment section below, leave me your YouTube channel info and I’ll be sure to check it out.

Thanks guys,

Meghan Sig


Aquarium of the Pacific | Day Trip Travel Series

Photo Credit: Meghan Sexton

Photo Credit: Meghan Sexton

What: Aquarium of the Pacific

When: Fall 2013

Where: Long Beach, California

The buzz and chatter of the curious public greeted me as I entered the main lobby of the Aquarium of the Pacific. The Saturday swell of kids, volunteers, couples, and the like cued up to ohh and ahh over the marine life.

I think when you’re a local, you somehow tend to not take in what’s around you. For ages I’ve heard about the Aquarium of the Pacific, but have never managed to actually take an afternoon to explore what it has to offer.

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Herb Ritts: LA Style at the Getty Center – Day Trip Travel Series

Wether you’re a local or a visitor, you need to slip away for a few hours and visit the Getty Center.  It’s the perfect venue for a day trip.

Upon arrival, you’re instantly transported into a serene and calming world.  As the winding tram makes its way up the hillside and if the smog’s cooperating,  killer views of West Los Angeles are to be had!

What I love most, it that you don’t even have to leave the city for a mini break – talk about accessible.

Initially, it was all about the Herb Ritts: LA Style photography exhibit, but I grabbed a guide anyway.  With kitten heels tapping on the limestone as I made my way out to the courtyard, I was excited about what I would encounter.

Herb RItts

Herb Ritts (American, 1952 – 2002)

Tatjana, Veiled Head, Joshua Tree, 1988

© Herb Ritts Foundation | The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

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Announcing My Day Trips Travel Series!

Sometimes it’s the little things….

Whether you’re on a big international multi-legged trip or your on your home turf and have a Saturday stretching before you – consider a day trip.  They’re short, sweet, bit-sized adventures.  Maybe you’re craving a little culture, dying to try an out-of-the-way restaurant that’s caught your eye, or just need some serious down time, day trips can be surprisingly satisfying.

I’m excited to announce my Day Trip Travel Series! 

Content will be periodically added so watch this space.  When was your last day trip?  I’d love to hear your ideas and experiences.

Annenberg Space for Photography – Digital Darkroom Exhibit

What a fantastic way to squeeze in some culture!  I, of course, love to take my time with these things and really soak up the atmosphere and the content, but if you’re short on time, this is a great way to spend an hour.

The Annenberg Space for Photography is located in Century City and is a fantastic small venue gallery.  Their current exhibit, Digital Darkroom, features 17 artists from the US, France, and UK.  There are two short, engaging, high quality films: one standard and one in 3D, a print gallery, and a 3D print gallery.  

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