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Catalina Island: Crown Jewel of the Channel Islands



Check out my latest piece, Catalina Island: Crown Jewel of the Channel Islands, published by Dave’s Travel Corner!

Ever visited the Channel Islands set conveniently off of Southern California?  Then you may already be in-the-know.  With a blended ambience of old hollywood meets quaint small town, Catalina is hands down the crown jewel of this historic archipelago.  Click here to read more!

Photo Credit: Catalina Express

Photo Credit: Catalina Express

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In the comment section below, be sure to tell me what your favorite activity is on Catalina or what you’d like to check out if you haven’t been before!

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Hope you’re enjoying your weekend,

Meghan Sig


Announcement: I’m Jetset Extra’s Featured Insider!

Ahh, I’m so thrilled to be a featured Insider on Jetset Extra’s newsletter!

Jetset Extra is an online travel resource for new and experienced travelers.  Their goal is to inspire their audience to explore, travel, and experience new adventures.

Click thumbnail for full Newsletter

More content in the works, but for now, check out my page along with some other fab international Insiders.


Happy New Year!

For me it’s always been about quality, not quantity!

I look forward to bringing you more quality travel posts in the new year.  I have had a busy December and have been unable to update my blog.

For me, travel is such an all-encompassing experience.  I love the research, the foreign currency, tasting delectable food, and discovering things about new places.  I love the newness of destinations, the victory of figuring out public transportation, and the way I carry these treasured memories with me.  I love the way that travel makes history so tangible.  It’s such an eye-opening experience and gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

I welcome dialogue and encourage everyone to share their travel experiences.  It all starts with the seed of passion. 

From one traveler to another…..Carpe Diem!


Thx Twitter Followers!

My travel blog has been getting the greatest response from Twitter.  At the time of this posting, I have reached over 127 of you!

Thanks for you interest.

I love all things travel and would love to hear all of your experiences.

Have a great weekend,

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