Capsule Wardrobes & the Carry On Luggage Challenge!


I love the rush of finalizing travel plans!

Over the weekend I was able to confirm that May will be a hub of activity with two back-to-back adventures.  A little bit of West Coast, a little bit of East Coast – hell, a little bit of Western Europe to add to the mix would be fab… but I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. 

Once the initial excitement tones down, the daunting task of packing becomes a reality.  I love my pieces and my products, but for some reason I cringe at the thought of systematically weeding through everything.  I don’t know about you, but I hate packing.  I love planning, researching, booking, going, and documenting – but dread packing. 

So I’ve decided to challenge myself to not only stick to a capsule wardrobe, but… dare I say… only taking carry-on luggage.  I am open to tips & suggestions for those of you that are savvy travelers.  My most shinning moment is scaling things down to an overflowing tote bag and not exceeding 50 lbs at check-in! 

With a road trip and connecting flights, I need to be able to move.  Less is definitely more; I don’t want to be dictated by my belongings. 

So, what do you think?  Can I do it?  Will I be able to be chic, pulled together, and less flustered using a 10 inch x 16 inch x 24 inch hand luggage?  What better time than now to give this a go?  I refuse to be that hot mess at security hovering protectively over four bins!

Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

The weather and locations will vary, but here’s a little inspiration for what I have in mind.  These outfits should take me from sashaying through the airport to nibbling at a local hole-in-the-wall without too much fuss …kidding

At this point I’m thinking that the road to triumph will be laid by a tight color scheme & wrinkle free fabric.


Check out my Fab Traveler – Fashion Edition board for more ideas!

Capsule Beauty Inspiration

Along with a paired down wardrobe will be an equally paired down beauty regimen.  Here’s a little inspiration for staying chic, glossy, and neutral.  I do well in shimmery neutrals, so a little smoked out black liner is going to have to pull its weight for evening looks.  A little rummage around my cavernous supply of travel sized toiletries should round everything out.  Ugg… 3oz – will I cave??


Check out my Fab Traveler – Beauty Edition board for more ideas!

Have you been on a multi legged trip lately?  What worked for you?  Did you regret or rethink anything?

Would love to hear your thoughts; I leave this weekend.

Meghan Sig



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2 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobes & the Carry On Luggage Challenge!

  1. sherrywinston April 29, 2013 at 10:58 am Reply

    Hey Meghan, Just back from the retreat….drove over 500 miles yesterday. Yikes. Tried to click on you link but it says “oops, page not found.” Thought you should know. Talk to you soon. xoxoxo SHerry



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