Pinterest Collective: Travel Photography & International Architecture

Feast your eyes on my latest additions to my Pinterest Collective!

I am intrigued and drawn into the lovingly composed travel shots and the craftsmanship and history of international architecture.  

Can you imagine strolling through the woods in Vail?  

Can you envision yourself meandering through the fairy lit gardens of a French palace?

Can you see yourself basking in the artistic and ornately detailed architecture of a Portuguese Monastery?

I know I can…

What have you seen lately that’s stopped you in your tracks?

Meghan Sig

Travel Photography

Aspen Cathedral – Vail, Colorado

Photo Credit:

Vaux Le Vicomte Castle – France

Photo Credit:


Photo Credit:

Madagascar, Africa

Photo Credit: Tammy Teator Krueger

Take a further peek on Pinterest! Travel Photography Board

International Architecture

Musée du Louvre

Photo Credit: Emma of

Palace Garden – Schwerin Castle, Germany

Photo Credit: Harald Hoyer

Batalha Monastery – Portugal

Photo Credit:

Henzollern Bridge, Cologne – Germany

Photo Credit: Lyndel Johnson

Take a further peek on Pinterest! International Architecture Board


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