Introducing B2B “Blogger to Blogger”


I’m a fan of helping one another when and where we can.

My standpoint has always been rooted in creating a dialogue. Traveling, blogging, and social media are a two-way street. We all learn from our experiences & why not share them with one another to some degree.

I created my blog & continue to pour myself into it because I keep discovering things that I feel travelers need to know about. Be it a tip, link, or an easier way to do something, I share my varied content with all viewers as I would with a close friend – ‘You need to know about this…!’

I’ve decided to take this a step further and also create or repost content pertaining to blogging. I frequently come across templates, articles, industry news, or techniques that would be of interest to other bloggers – no matter what your niche is.

Say hello to B2B or “Blogger to Blogger.”

I’m simply setting up an extra category and tag within my content to share info with fellow bloggers. This is a two-way street and I welcome dialogue and feedback.

Recently, I was at an event where a fellow blogger poached a networking conversation I was having. She unabashedly cut in, derailed the conversation, and never once made eye contact as if to say sorry. She acted as if I wasn’t standing merely inches from her. I know the business side to blogging/writing is alive and well, but there’s no need to be catty.

While chatting with someone in PR, they bluntly asked, “Do I refer to you as a writer or a blogger?” I was a bit thrown off and said, “Both… really.”  I don’t get caught up in syntax and labels.  I am the sole content producer for my blog, an aspect of which is writing.  I also incorporate photos, video, social media, and the like.  Does blogging make you any less of a writer? The PR person seem to think that “everyone has a blog now.”  I suppose… But no matter what your medium or outlet is, the quality should speak for itself.

At this same event, a group of bloggers were chatting away about the future of blogging.  Some felt that it would one day fizzle and only the strong would survive.  There was a consensus that blogging was very much evolving.  One stated, “It’s still the Wild West out there…”   

No matter what happens, no one can deny quality content that’s engaging and inspiring with the stats to back it up.

So what do you say? Ready to talk shop?

Take a peek:

Meghan Sig


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Let me know what your thoughts are!

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