It’s time for the London 2012 Olympics!

Photo Credit: London 2012

Photo Credit: London 2012

I am thrilled that it is time to welcome the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Since I was a kid, I have always loved watching the winter and summer festivities.

The history and the locations are captivating.  I’m fond of tradition and it’s incredible that the Games can unite so many cultures in the spirit of competition. 

For me, this is the ultimate event.  The energy, the effort, the dedication…it’s remarkable.

I tried and tried to attend the London 2012 festivities either in a business capacity or simply as a spectator, but unfortunately the stars didn’t quite align.  However, I am happy to cheer everyone on from Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: London 2012

Photo Credit: London 2012

I am most looking forward to Rowing.  I love being out on the water in a team environment having everyone work toward the same goal.  It’s an amazing workout and a great way to hone a skill. 

I’m also looking forward to Gymnastics, Swimming, and Equestrian.  Who knew Trampoline was an Olympic sport?

What aspect of London 2012 are you most looking forward to?

Let the games begin!

Photo Credit: London 2012

Wenlocks – Photo Credit: London 2012




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