The Difference Between Lost and Found – Create Accountability

I was just thumbing through the latest issue of Westways Magazine and spotted an article entitled, “Luggage Lessons” by Laura Daily. 

A few days ago I replied to a Tweet from Sarah Waxler (@TravelLeaderRDU), a travel agent from North Carolina, about never experiencing the horror of lost luggage.  When I spotted this article, I figured I should bone up incase my Irish luck runs out.

Even though I’m drawn to organization, I don’t know that I would follow the suggestions precisely.  But, I was definitely drawn to Laura Daily’s suggestions for what to do post arrival in the event that something happens. 

Daily recommends:

  • No bag? File a report before leaving the airport and get a copy, including reference number.
  • Keep receipts for any purchases. Most airlines reimburse basic clothing and toiletries, but some won’t cover expenses incurred in the first 24 hours, hoping your bag will turn up.
  • Create accountability. Gahl got the name, direct phone number, and email address of the Air New Zealand agent, making her part of the recovery effort.

The tip that stands out the most is creating accountability.  That encompasses far more than just lost luggage.  I’d have to say accountability is a golden rule while traveling, especially if your solo.  Even if you’re prepared, you still have to be able to rely on hotel staff, customer service reps, agents, and the like.  Get names, get numbers, get titles, and get business cards. Make yourself memorable and easy to help.  People are busy; make sure you do some legwork and make yourself easy to prioritize to the top of the list. 


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