On the road in the Bay Area of California

So excited to be on a getaway weekend!

I’ve been having such a great time unwinding and catching up on some much-needed R&R.

I work on a variety of projects and typically have a crazy schedule.  It’s so refreshing to have my biggest decision be which cute restaurant to savor a leisurely breakfast in.

It’s been sunny and brisk.  I’m almost too excited to sit still.  As much as I want to rest, I also want to do as much as I can.  I should nap….No I should check out the Jacuzzi.”  “I should read in bed…No I should stroll around the Marina and take some photos.”  It’s a happy internal struggle.  I’ve had a good amount of peace and quite and I also let my hair down & went to a fab party last night. 

For whatever reason I’ve been wide awake since 6am.  The storm that has had so much hype has finally arrived and it’s absolutely pouring right now!  So beautiful and keeps the landscape such a lushes green.

I should be in store for a bit more exploring in the San Francisco area and then off to my next leg of the road trip.

There’s nothing like re-energizing your spirit!


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2 thoughts on “On the road in the Bay Area of California

  1. Jailbreak April 14, 2012 at 5:59 pm Reply

    salutations from across the world. excellent post I will return for more.

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