True Passion

You know you have a vivid tangible passion for something when you experience a boost of exhilaration.  The slightest mention of a passion related opportunity suddenly makes the day feel brighter and makes possibilities seem endless.

My passion, if you can’t tell already, is traveling.  I have been pretty office bound lately and inundated with responsibility which has resulted in me being pretty much tied to my desk.  I’ve been able to take in local events or day trips, which are great bite-size experiences that are very accessible, but really, I’m after the big trips.  Honestly, my mouth waters at the prospect of needing my passport, foreign currency, and manageable maps.

There is a strong possibility that I will be going on a business/pleasure trip this week.  I’m in the process of sorting out the details, but I have to say it gives me a spring in my step.  I feel that all passionate travelers can feel suffocated and even stagnant when they’re in their neighborhood too long.  There’s a burst of exhilaration that happens when you find out there’s a pending trip.  Suddenly you can get things done faster!

Although this isn’t a huge foreign excursion, it’s still a several day multicity affair.  So bring it on.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing what this week holds and gaining more material to share as content.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


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