It’s been ages!

Hi everyone,

I’ve had quite the eventful year…..and it’s still only September!

I am passionate about travel and have been looking forward to sharing my experiences with you, but I haven’t been in the right mind frame.

This year I have moved, a parent passed away, personal relationships have been strained, regained an old friendship, enormous stress at work trying to salvage company, decided to go on a an ill-fated huge adventure (more on that later), had major issues with apartment that was beyond disruptive, resigned from my full-time employment for many reasons, and have just received mixed news about a project that’s been 3 years in the making.

And you know what keeps me sane….all things travel.  Using my photographic memory sprinkled with nostalgia, I revisit my favorite trips.  In a moment, I’m suddenly on that wet slicked cobble stone road in Brighton ducking in and out of charming shops.  In another moment, I’m sitting in the lobby of a hotel anticipating the scrumptious looking High Tea.  I store these memories and bring them back in all their glory and it’s the best escape.  Suddenly I’m “there.”  I can see, taste, hear, feel….and it’s priceless.

Traveling is such an experience.

A wise person once said something to the effect of, “If you truly feel something is of value and you get a lot out of it, the memories of the experience far exceed the memories of what you spent.”



Let me know what your thoughts are!

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