The good, the bad, & the ugly – LA Times Travel & Adventure Show

Checked out the LA Times Travel & Adventure Show for the first time on Saturday, February 13th at the LA Convention Center.

Not bad……glad I went.

It had a great turnout, but it wasn’t overly swamped with people.

There was a lot to see and can even be a bit overwhelming, but I went with the flow and had a great time checking out what was on offer.

There were booths geared toward different areas in California, areas in the US, and areas internationally.  Depending what your interests are, there seemed to be a booth for everyone!  You could gather info and mingle with knowledgeable people about outdoor adventure travel, cruise lines, guided tour packages, and everything in between.

The results of my experience:


  • Great variety of niche travel…everyone seemed to be accounted for.
  • Heavy discounts were provided if you committed to a trip on the spot.  Most booths had laptops on hand to sell you on a trip & help coordinate the details.
  • Organized event with maps posted everywhere.  You could easily determine which aisle to go explore based on your interests.
  • Parking was relatively easy.
  • There were 3 activities open to anyone willing to stand in line: rock climbing, zip-line, and scuba diving lesson.
  • Tons of information at the ready…..pamphlets, catalogs, DVDs, and informative reps at each booth.


  • I found most of the public speakers to be informative, but dull and dry in their presentation.
  • I experienced a lot of vacant expressions and plastic smiles.  A lot of the reps at the booths were loaded down with info to distribute, but it came across sort of mechanical.  They eagerly thrust info at you, but when it came time to engage in conversation they seemed to have a monologue of talking points to cover.  Yes, they were busy and had a lot of people to greet, but I really only connected with a few reps.  A lot of reps seemed a bit general and shallow with their presentation….but never fear….their website is near…

Overall, it was worth checking out and if you were in a position to financially commit to a trip, there were great discounts to be had.  This was my first travel show, so I was just taking it all in, but when I go again, I’m definitely going with a game plan!

Check out some additional pics on my FB page: LA Times Travel & Adventure Show


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