Person of the Day (Dublin International Airport) August ’09

I am an avid people watcher.  I absolutely love to take it all in!

Recently, on a trip coming back from Dublin heading back to London, I was killing time in the airport waiting to board RyanAir.

Too much traveling had led to exhaustion and impatience.  I had been solo on this particular trip, so I was on people watching overdrive.  As I glanced around, I spotted a girl who I found intriguing.  She was standing with a small group of people in  line to board the plane.  They were a rowdy bunch giving all sorts of attitude to the staff, but this girl was quiet….it was her outfit that spoke volumes. 

This chick was unreal!  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.  She was too much.  I had seen some random fashion-victim style statements while I was in Europe, but she really took the cake.

First off, She had a crispy sunburn….that deep shade of red that you only get when you’ve had too many days of fun in the sun.  Then my eyes shot up to her dress.  She had on this skin-tight leopard print dress in an apparent tribute to Kelly Bundy from Married With Children – fashion icon of sorts.  The dress was a one-shoulder/single strap that was just long enough to cover her butt and had a strange clasp thing in the back.

Keep in mind that her tacky black lacy bra was on full display.  No attempt whatsoever had been made to coördinate some variation of an appropriate bra with that god awful dress.  The leopard print monstrosity was extremely low-cut and her enhanced twins were standing at attention.

Her hair was brittle and two-toned in color.  The top half was bleached blond and the bottom half was chestnut-brown.  Her neon pink manicure matched her neon pink wrap-around sunglasses.  To complete the whole ensemble she wore white Van sneakers with accented neon pink piping.  The sad thing was that she was actually pretty. 

Once we boarded, what topped off the whole moment was her on-board purchase.  Obviously you can’t smoke on planes anymore, but unbeknownst to me, RyanAir found a loop-hole.  The flight attendant was peddling one thing or the other and what caught this girl’s attention were the smokeless cigarettes.  Apparently, you inhale it and that’s it.  It looks just like a traditional cigarette, but you don’t exhale.  Of course, she couldn’t resist and bought a pack!  After all, doesn’t everyone need to feed their fix on a 45 minute flight!

Such trash….


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