Travel Boredom Survival Kit

 It’s not all glitz and glamour. 

There are plenty of lines, awkward gaps of time to kill, endless commute times, and so on.  Keep yourself engaged and it will help keep you calm and less impatient.   If you have plenty of time and nothing to do, you’ll be stir-crazy before you know it.  Traveling is invigorating but it is also exhausting, demanding of your time and patience, and if you’re not prepared it can wear on your last nerve. 

Gadgets go a long way. But for the sake of being in transit, all of your power cords should be in your luggage (except for your laptop and possibly your cell) so you have to consider the life of your battery…and we all know they lie. 

My boredom survival kit is divvied up between my tote bag and my carry on.  Typically it includes:

  • Laptop, cell, camera, & iPod
  • Book, magazine, & journal
  • Water and a snack (dried fruit/cereal bar)
  • Something warm to wear (pashmina or a full on track suit). 

Choose easy breezy books that are light weight.  I’m not saying dumb it down, but when you’re killing time, you always have one eye and ear on the ready – so bringing a book that’s hearty, deep, and demanding of your attention may only further annoy you because you’ll constantly be rereading the same paragraph.  There are plenty of murder mysteries, trashy novels, and biographies that will easily keep you engaged with out you needing to be engrossed.  Grab a magazine that’s light weight and small.  I’ve noticed that there are travel size versions of Vogue and Elle.  They are perfect to thumb through and tuck into your tote without it becoming the “September Issue”. 


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