Packing List Cheat Sheet

I drag my feet until the very last-minute to deal with packing. 

How many times do you stand in front of your closet, take a deep breath, and can’t figure out what to take!  I inwardly cringe about having to weed through everything, but if I want to go on an adventure, I’m going to need clothes to wear.  So let’s get on with it!

Before I launch into pulling clothes, I figure out how many days I’ll be gone, if there are any special events that will require special outfits, and an approximation of what the weather will be like.

In the past I’ve use huge Post-It Notes and scribbled down categories that I could then scratch off once it made it into my luggage.  Depending on how many locations/cities I’ll be traveling to, I’ll make a note on the upper corner of the Post-It of the highs and lows forecasted for those areas.  Are we talking rain, dust, blisteringly hot….?  I need to know.  Being realistic about the environment will help you weed through potential outfits.

Once I have a pretty good idea of what I should be looking for in my closet, I start pulling things that fall within a color theme and will be suitable for what I’ll be doing.  I say go for it and pull more than you’ll need.  We all tend to gravitate toward our ‘favorites,’ so you may as well pick a selection of pieces that you’re happy with and then start negotiating with yourself. 

I tend to make folded piles on my bed so that I can see everything.  You’ll get a better idea of what accessories and jewelry you’ll need to pack if you can see the potential outfits. 

On the floor I’ll unroll my yoga mat and use it as my “don’t forget” pile.  I hate forgetting something simple and usually I’m so overwhelmed getting all the last-minute details together that I don’t ever count on simply remembering.  If I see “it” or think of “it”, I grab the item and put it on my yoga mat.  Then I know that I eventually will have to work it into my luggage or carry on at some point. 

 Once I’m satisfied, I start piling things into my luggage and start to scratch it off my cheat sheet.  That way when I glance at this list, I can easily see what’s left to pack. 

Use the following list as a template.  You could be going on a diving trip to Sydney or a destination wedding in Paris….so you need to plan accordingly, but this list will give you a starting point. 

Weather:   High___


Ave ___


Packing List Cheat Sheet




Jewelry/Hair Accessories








Hot tools (for hair styling)




Magazine/Fun Book/Journal


Tech Stuff + Charging Cords

  • Mini Surge Protector
  • Voltage Converter
  • Cell + Cord
  • iPod + Cord
  • Camera + Cord
  • Handheld GPS + Cord
  • Laptop + Cord
  • Webcam?


Ear plugs/Sleep Mask

PJ’s/Comfy Clothes

Travel Pillow


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3 thoughts on “Packing List Cheat Sheet

  1. Z January 15, 2010 at 6:29 am Reply

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Great idea my dear…you are adorable!

  2. bonnie January 14, 2010 at 4:22 pm Reply

    I usually take a little bag for vit. or use tiny plastic baggies, so they are all counted for the days and then separated into lil baggies.
    Also 1 or 2 of my favorite books. 1 for meditation & 1 new novel. And last minute, an art tablet for drawing new ideas.
    Being an artist demands Swaths of Attention!
    Love Bonnie

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